The benefits of buying from Hadley’s

A bigger range of bike styles with a bigger range of sizes in stock so you can look at them, feel them, try them for size and ride home today.

Experienced trained staff on hand who are genuinely interested in ensuring you enjoy your bike riding experience and after helping choose the correct bike size then set up the bike correctly for the rider.

Hadley’s assemble every bike in store, then when you choose your bike, it is fully checked by a second mechanic before you ride away. In fact many retailers who sell bikes, display complete bikes but the customer finds that when he picks the bike up he has to assemble it himself. We think that’s wrong, because a bike is a road going vehicle and it can be dangerous if assembled by untrained people.

We also offer comprehensive bike servicing valued at $49.95 for all our customers, and will perform the bike’s first service (within the first 24 months) completely FREE should the bike be in fair condition. We recommend a bike gets serviced at least annually (more frequently if the bike gets heavy use) to minimise your running costs.

Our staff will do more than explain how the bike works. We’ll try to help you to get the most out of your biking experience, by explaining the use of the gears and giving you tips on the safer places to ride in our area. We’ll also advise on the useful accessories, and of course we’ll help you with perfect fit of a new helmet. It is critical to have a helmet correctly fitted and adjusted.

On our daily rides in the area, we see many people riding all types of bikes and we notice many bikes are poorly fitted to the rider. Maybe some people are on borrowed bikes. Even at weekly cycle racing we see riders who are not as comfortable as they should be.

To ride a bike you need balance to keep upright, but like all other sports you need complete fore and after balance as well as sideways balance if you want to ride comfortably and produce enough power to propel the bike forward at a reasonable speed. So many people are incorrectly balanced on their bikes and it is so easy to get it right.

Hadley Cycles set bikes to suit the rider to achieve correct balance, and we offer a repeat service free of charge as people adapt by their improved flexibility from riding often. Some customers buy bikes as surprise gifts and overlook our offer, so this is your reminder; If you bought your bike from Hadley’s, and you’re not sure whether you are getting the most out of it, please ring and book a time for a free checkup. Lot’s of customers do it in conjunction with getting the bike serviced.

We have female customers who ask for adjustments so they can continue riding while pregnant. Most things can be done!
That’s another of the advantages of buying from Hadley’s.