Newcastle Cycle-Maps

Newcastle has some of most enjoyable cycle paths in the state, why not take advantage of them!

The New South Wales government has set up a website called Cycleway Finder, essentially created to promote cycling throughout the state. It includes information on cycling in general, as well as tips, events, and cycleways.

Newcastle Council has a great source of maps within their Cycling Strategy page called RouteMaps, essentially full of specific maps to the Hunter Valley, Newcastle CBD, and surrounding suburbs.

Once on RouteMap website to find a map, click the suburb map and then select the correct location of your route. From there you can focus more directly on a specific suburb.

The website can be found here:

Finally, one of our favourites is RideTheCity. Whilst still in it’s initial stages, Ride The City is in a similar format to Google Maps.  Type your starting point and destination into the search box and the best cycling route will be calculated for you.

The website can be found here:

All of these maps can be easily printed and are a great idea to be kept in your backpack or toolkit.