Giant Technology

For those of you who are interested. Giant have released a 10 week online ”Composite Clinic” on their Facebook page to help the punters better understand the technology and to get an idea of what really goes on behind the scenes. Giant will post new info each week for the next 9 weeks, so stay tuned.

To get you started, this article which bicycling Australia featured a week or so ago, is very informative

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Q: What are the differences between Carbon Fibre and Composite?

A: “Composite” means the whole process including the resin AND raw carbon thread.  “Carbon Fibre” is just the raw threads.  It’s an incredible raw material, but it’s just one part of the equation. Giant gets its carbon thread from Toray a Japanese company that makes the absolute best raw carbon material in the world. Any manufacturer can buy carbon thread from Toray.  But since almost no other bicycle manufacturer makes their own composite sheet, they end up buying off the shelf carbon sheets or tubing.
From start to finish, every step of the way — Giant controls the manufacturing process at its own facility.
For more information on Toray visit: